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Do you have a Gas, Oil, LPG Boiler or Electric Storage Heaters?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck! Why exactly? Because Government boiler grants are available now!

The largest energy suppliers in the UK are obliged to fund a Government initiative known as the ‘ECO Scheme aka Energy Companies Obligation, whereby homeowners and tenants who receive tax credits, pension credits and other qualifying benefits, can get access to funding to help make their homes more energy efficient. This, in turn, helps the UK achieve its carbon reduction commitments. The main ways carbon reduction can be achieved is through upgrading home heating systems with energy efficient condensing boilers and also installing various insulation measures.

What types of heating system replacements are available?

Under the current ECO Scheme, it is possible to receive a boiler grant to replace a number of different heating systems. These include Gas Boilers, LPG boilers or Oil boilers, whether they’re a combi, conventional, or system boiler. Plus now, Electric Storage Heaters are also included within the available grants.

Why you should apply for a boiler grant?

The overall cost of a new boiler can vary greatly, but for a decent make and model, a customer would be expected to pay around £2,000 for a quality brand. Therefore, if you can access these non-repayable grants, you will save a significant amount of money. Also, heating your home makes up a large part of your energy bill, so the more energy efficient your boiler, the lower your energy bills will be. Estimates by the Energy Savings Trust suggest a detached home could save as much as £320 per year!

What’s new for 2017

Energy companies regularly change the qualifying criteria to be eligible for a grant. As of April 2017, the qualifying benefits have significantly changed, with an estimated extra 2 million people now eligible to access these grants. The main changes concern Tax Credits. The maximum income threshold has been increased from £16,010 to £36,000.

To see if you qualify, simply visit http://www.ecogrants.org.uk

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